Sure Betting: The Secret to Making Profits in Sports Betting

Learn everything you need to know about Sure Betting

Financial profit with Sports AI offering the best bet tips

What is Sure Betting?

Do they exist or don't they, meaning the 100% sure bets - the so-called sure bets. Sure betting does not mean that you place bets on high favorites, but rather exploit differences in the odds with different bookmakers. Sure bets are basically played by placing bets with several bookmakers who give different odds on the different outcomes of a game. For example, if you bet on a win, a draw and a defeat with one and the same bookmaker and adjust the stakes so that no matter what the outcome of the game, you end up with the same profit, you will receive 90-97% of your stake back, depending on the bookmaker. The remaining 3-10% is the bookmaker's profit margin. The aim of sure bets is to find differences in odds with different bookmakers that lead to a profit of more than 100% of the stake, regardless of how the game ends. Of course, these bets are rare and the bookmakers try to avoid sure bets by quickly adjusting the odds.

What to look out for with Sure Bets

Everyone who regularly plays sure bets has certainly encountered the following situation: you are about to place a bet on one of the betting outcomes required for sure bets and suddenly the site is no longer accessible, even though you have already started your sure bet with another betting provider. The accessibility of the bookies is usually 99% perfect, but please as I mentioned above, 100% does not exist. In order to be able to react quickly, a portfolio of several bookmakers is essential, what use is the nicest sure bet if you do not have an account with the bookmaker yet. Especially for sure betting hobbyists, you should have a large portfolio of bookies. In addition, due to rapid changes in the odds of the bookmakers, if a sure betting opportunity is actually on the market, it is always advisable to place the bet first where the odds outlier is particularly high compared to the average of all bookmakers and the odds are only offered by a single bookmaker.

Distribution of the betting capital on the individual bookmaker accounts

You have just found an extremely attractive sure bet and no or too little money in a bookmaker account? Well, you can't afford that under certain circumstances and should please make sure that your starting banks or your money in the account is also fairly distributed sure bet. I therefore recommend that you use virtual wallets to quickly move betting capital back and forth between bookmaker accounts. Another very important thing about sure betting: It is advisable not to play every sure bet, no matter how small, because depending on which bookies offer the odds, you also have to take into account the possible fees or betting tax. It is of course essential to find out in advance about the taxation and possible fees of the respective betting provider!

Financial profit with Sports AI offering the best bet tips

How much profit can I expect with Sure Bets?

Well, you should already have a betting bank of at least four figures, otherwise the return would not be worth it. This is also one of the negative aspects, that they must have a very high starting capital. In very few cases you can get up to 5% ROI, so assume an average of 0-3%.


Sports betting can be a fun way to make some extra money, but it can also be very difficult to succeed at. Fortunately, sports betting is a game that can be greatly improved with a little dedication and practice. Sure betting is a more secretive form of betting where it i hard to find betting opportunities. But if you finally find one, you will lock in guaranteed profits! Feel free to take a look at other topics from our blog like the post on value betting.

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