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How to profit from Sports AIs best football predictions?

Sports AIs football predictions can help being a more successful sports bettor. We can offer you the most accurate and profitable 1X2 tips on the market. In this blog post we're going to take a look at the results that can be achieved with our football predictions. For that, we are analyzing the football markets from February 1st until April 9th.

In the end, it’s all about the prices that are offered to you. If you approximately know the probability of a certain outcome of a sport event, you can also determine a fair price for that outcome. A classic example for that is a coin toss with fair odds of 2.00 (2.00 = 1/0.5 with 0.5 being the probability of the outcome). If you now get a price above these fair odds of 2.00, you have successfully found a thing called value bet. The value results from the fact hat odds above 2.00 are overpriced. Applied to the coin toss example it means that if you for instance get odds of 2.10 for a betting on heads, you will in the long run pretty sure make some decent profit.

Profit accumulated from betting with with Sports AIs best bet tips

Here’s a little example of how you would take a betting decision. Let’s take the match Tigres vs. Patriotas from the Copa Colombia played on 6th of April. Sports AIs algorithms predicted a probability of 40,48% Tigres winning the match. If you transform the probability to an odds format (1/0,4048) you get fair odds of 2,47. William Hill for example offered a price of 2,75 for a home win of the Tigres, which leads to an edge of approximately 11%. In such a case, it is advisable to bet on this outcome at that price of 2,75 offered by William Hill.

If you apply this strategy to the period under consideration, then following results would have been achieved. Notice, that in this example only bets on the home team winning in a football match were placed.

Profitable sports betting strategies

As you can see in the chart above, the results are very satisfying. With a fixed stake of 100€ per bet, 2.787 bets could have been placed and a profit of approximately 37.000€ could have been accumulated. In the end, with this strategy, a ROI of 13,9% could have been achieved.

Best betting strategy to achieve the highest ROI per bet

The results above show the results with the following strategy: Bets were placed if an edge of at least 3% was found. The higher the edge needs to be in order to place a bet, the higher the ROI will probably be. And that's exactly what the results show us. You can see that there is a positive correlation between the minimum edge of a bet (called threshold on the right side) and the ROI. The downside though, is that the amount of matches meeting the criteria get lower the higher the threshold is set. With a threshold of 14% we achieved a ROI 27,62%!

Profitable sports betting strategies

Which bookmakers to use with Sports AIs football predictions?

The following bookmakers were included in the analysis: Bet365, William Hill, Marathon Bet, Unibet, Bet at home, GGBet, bwin, PariBet and 1xBet.The chart below shows how many betting opportunities were found for each bookmaker. The results refer to the strategy where a minimum edge of 3% was used.

Profitable sports betting strategies

The results show that 1xBet is the best bookmaker to use with our strategy when it comes to the amount of betting opportunities. With 1024 bets placed at 1xBet, this bookie takes the lead at this statistic followed by William Hill with 527 bets. At the end of this statistic we will find Bet365 with only 26 betting opportunities.

At this point, there is no use in comparing the ROI per bookmaker since the amount of bets varies a lot between bookies. That's something that can be analyzed in the future.

Outlook and conclusion

Hopefully this blog post will help you to better understand the potential of Sports AIs bet tips and sports predictions. In future posts other markets and also other sports will be analyzed in order to give you a broader picture of the potential of Sports AIs predictions and bet tips.

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